Unique Underwater Views Shot with the Fisheye Submarine


Dive into the briny deep with your Fisheye camera… oh, but don’t forget your Fisheye Submarine!

Credits: mingkie, n1cha, vicuna, venusattack, michele10, 007-0815-styler, artvandelay & -dakota-

We know summer is still so far away from today, but you might want to consider bringing along your Fisheye camera the next time you head out to the beach. Not only is it great for use on land, but underwater too! All you have to do is slip it inside the nifty *Fisheye Submarine* and you’re free to take all underwater landscape shots you want. Now, you can brag about being at the beach and in the waters.

Were you lucky enough to snag a Fisheye One or No. 2 for the holidays? Why don’t you treat yourself and your toy to the Fisheye Submarine! Or if you haven’t, get yours from the Lomography Online Shop now – we’re taking 30% off when you also buy film for your new camera!

written by chooolss on 2013-12-30 #fisheye-one #fisheye-submarine #gallery-post #fisheye-no-2 #lifestyle

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