Registering Copyrights For Your Photography


Photographers hate having their work used without permission, but have you done your part to avoid it from happening to yourself? Read on!

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Copyright is automatic. Once you click the shutter on your camera, the resulting image is yours and yours alone. However, registration of your photographs with the United States Copyright Office (or a similar office in your country) in order for you to get the full benefits and protection associated with copyright laws.

Here are a few tips from Pop Photo and Photo Shelter in registering your work.

Register with the Electronic Copyright Office

Most copyright offices operate online nowadays, which makes things easier for us and gives us no excuse to have our photos just lying around. You can register individual photos, or a whole batch of them. Here's a link to the US Copyright Office to get you atarted.

There are three components that must be completed in a copyright registration:

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Pay the registration fee.
  3. Upload or deliver copies of the images being registered.

Integrate copyright registration into your workflow

Uploading your fresh rolls into your LomoHome? Take the time to register them as well in your local Copyright Office. All it takes are a few clicks!

Register in batches

To be safe, don’t register all of your photos in one whole batch. Do it in small increments as a court might reduce damages equal to the number based upon the total number of images in a given registration.

Register ASAP

Get off your ass and start registering today!

Find out more about copyright in Photo Shelter's free ebook, The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright

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