Instant Funny Portraits Taken with the Lomography Diana Instant Back+


Let your fellow Lomographers in the community show you how wacky shots are done (also, read on to find out how you can grab film for less)!

Credits: maria_vlachou, fuchsie, ihave2pillows, lilithmoon, sleazecore, catarinasalgado, cruciothelights, strs, goonies & xerry

Film photography is so much fun and all, but let’s admit it – sometimes, we can’t hardly wait for our photos to be developed! And if your camera’s the Diana F+, we don’t blame you if you simply cannot sit still and wait for so long to get your dreamy, lovely photos back! Thankfully, though, we now have the *Diana Instant Back +*. As its name implies, you get your shots as soon as you shoot them! It’s instant Lomographic gratification at its finest.

Were you lucky enough to snag a Diana F+ camera for the holidays? Why don’t you treat yourself and your new analogue toy to the Diana Instant Back +! Or if you haven’t, get yours from the Lomography Online Shop now – we’re taking 30% off when you also buy film for your camera!

written by chooolss on 2013-12-28 #lifestyle #portraits #diana-f #diana-instant-back #gallery-post

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