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2014-01-05 1

I shot a lot of rolls, I bought many cameras and I met a few of you Lomo people – have a look at my analogue 2013!

Credits: nia_ffm

What can I say – 2013 was quite a year for me. I finished university and started my first ‘real’ full time job. And I took a lot of photos, bought many cameras and film. I met a few of you Lomo people in person and others just online. But I hope to meet more of you in person in 2014. I have to say: I am quite exhausted from this year and quite satisfied with all the great stuff analogue photography got me. So this is my 2013 in photos.


After finishing my master thesis my boyfriend and I went for one week of sunshine and doing nothing to the Canary Islands, in Fuerteventura, to be exact. It was my longest flight yet, and I have never been this far away (it seems I have to travel more!). I had a great time. I used my LC-A Krab, I enjoyed the sea and the best thing was our day at the Oasis Park, a big zoo.


As you may know (if you know my LomoHome), I am crazy about giraffes. I just love them. In this zoo in Fuerteventura you can feed and actually touch them! I didn’t know that before and I couldn’t believe it when we saw it. So there are A LOT photos of me with the giraffes or pictures I took of the giraffes very closely. I guess this is my favorite experience this year. But, we also enjoyed riding a dromedary at Oasis Park and fed elephants, zebras and other amazing animals. I still feel like a child thinking about that day, I enjoyed it so much!



Well, there were quite a few Lomowalks and one Lomotrip this year. I’ve known elenya-y for some years and since I started photographing analogue we have a great hobby to share. We visit the zoo together, or go to a camera flea market. I visited her in her hometown, we went to the Lomostore in Cologne and even did a 24-hour Lomotrip to Dresden together.

Lomowalks with elenya-y

In July, I met stellastellar and trash-gordon-from-outer-space on their way to their LomoRail 2013 and we exchanged some film rolls. In October we met again for a little Lomowalk in Kassel and they showed me some great places in their city. Can’t wait to meet them again in January!

Lomowalk Kassel

In March I organized a Lomowalk on a funfair in Frankfurt. The weather was bad, but it was so nice to meet other lomographers from nearby.

Lomowalk Frankfurt


When I wrote my thesis I hated to sit indoors while the sun was shining, especially because it was my first lomographic spring. So, on one early spring day, I just had to go outside and take some photos.

Spring 2013

Horizon Perfekt

I got my Horizon Perfekt for Christmas 2012 and I used it in 2013 a lot (18 rolls)!

Horizon Perfekt


I got myself the Lubitel 166+ for finishing university and I will never let her go!


All the rest

I shared some of my Lomo experiences with you, but there are of course a lot of other photos I took and it’s hard to decide which to show here. But here are a few.

Credits: nia_ffm

I am looking forward to take many, many photos in 2014 and hopefully meet more of you great guys from all over the world, may it be in person or online. Either way I am happy to be part of this creative and heartwarming community!

Lomo on!

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