Yuletide Holiday Destinations: The Wonderful Island of Ortigia

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After my previous article about Malta, I present you in this article about another wonderful gem by the Mediterranean Sea: the city of Siracusa, in the island of Ortigia, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more and take a look at these photos taken with my trusty Lomo LC-A!

Siracusa is a city of the region Sicily, in the South of Italy. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just a few hundreds kilometers from Malta, which I presented to you in my previous article. This city originated in the Greek period, and is the birthplace of the famous mathematician and engineer Archimedes.

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This city is rich in archaeological gems from the Roman and Greek Empires, and in its southern part you can find many masterpieces in Baroque style. This district is located in the island of Ortigia, linked to the other part city with two short bridges. If you want to visit the island, you can take a boat, which is an excellent way to take some photos from the sea of this wonderful place.

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The buildings are painted in yellow, and are mostly in Baroque style, like the buildings of Malta and its capital, Valletta. The island houses the Cathedral, located in a big square surrounded by narrow streets where you can find excellent restaurant and shops selling local craft and delicious food!

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Inside the Cathedral you can find the reliquary Saint Lucia, the patron saint of those who with sight problems. In the same square you can visit the Baroque Church of Santa Lucìa alla Badìa, which houses a painting masterpiece: the Burial of Santa Lucia by Caravaggio.

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In the two photos above you can see a narrow street in the island and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, built in the Greek era.

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Following the sea promenade (photo above), you can visit the Fountain Arethusa, where legend tells that the nymph Arethusa, hunted by Alpheus, took shelter. This is a source of fresh water (not sea water), a natural underground spring located a few meters from the sea!

Credits: sirio174

With this colorful image of the Fountain, I close this article with two tips: don’t miss trying out the local nougat with almonds and pistachio nuts, and to drink a glass of good local red wine, the famous Nero d’Avola. Of course, bring with you your preferred Lomo camera!

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  1. ezakimak
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    Great post, lovely pictures!

  2. roxyvonschlotterstein
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    I've been there 2 years ago. Sicily really blew my mind, such a great place!

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