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2013-12-29 2

Ever been upstaged by a dog? Well, the lovely lady in the photo surely didn’t mind.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

Our Photo of the Day is not your usual pet-and-owner snapshot. Usually canine takes second or at least equal billing in the photo, but not in this one, I’m afraid. The dog in this photo is *andrejrusskovskij's* pet Gwen and the lovely lady is his friend Francesca. Good thing Francesca didn’t mind Gwen hogging the spotlight or else andrejrusskovskij might have lost himself a beautiful model.

The winning photo was taken using a *Lubitel 166+* and can be found in the album smells like summer dusk, where you can find more of lovely Francesca lovely scenery.

Congratulations, andrejrusskovskij for bagging our Photo of the Day prize.

written by jillytanrad on 2013-12-29 #news #lubitel-166 #potd


  1. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    thank you very much @jillytanrad

  2. ezakimak
    ezakimak ·

    Awesome pic!

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