Convert Your Vivitar IC400 Into a Half-frame Shooter!


Sometimes, 36 shots are just not enough to get all those memories in one roll. This tipster shows you just how you can hack your Vivitar IC400 into shooting half-frame shots.

I just like the way that half-frame shooters create cute little snippets in one frame. Apart from the fact that I can make the most out of a 35mm roll of film, I can just shoot wildly from any angle I choose without having to worry too much about counting my exposures. And aside from the fact that I love the Vivitar IC series, this simple tutorial (even counts as a hack, for me) makes me want to try the 72 shooter mod on my IC100.

Instructable user RoboRay crafted this nifty solution to shooting more with a standard 36 exposure film. Originally planning to dismantle the camera to salvage some of its parts, RoboRay saw that he can turn this lightweight cam into a half-frame shooter and that’s exactly what he did. The results are more interesting than what I expected at first. The half-frame shots came out clean and left no signs of modifications.

Images via Instructables

RoboRay took 4 simple steps to do this:

  1. Take the camera apart.
  2. Add 2 pins to the advance wheel.
  3. Add the film plane.
  4. Shoot!

Here are some of his sample shots:

Images via Instructables

Click here to see the full tutorial.

All information used in this article were sourced from Instructables.

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