My 2013 in Analogue


The past year, for me, was full of photographic films and small satisfactions in analog!

Despite the busy schedule between university and work, I could not help but spend some time for Lomography and the Lomography community. The past year, I became a LomoAmigo and Lomoguru for the second time!

I decided to write a mini series called In Love with Films which talks about the features and my personal thoughts on various emulsions. I continued, although to a lesser extent than the previous year, to take charge of my Lomographic “creations!”

Credits: simonesavo

I was also able to expand my collection of cameras:

The much-desired Horizon Perfekt only arrived recently:

Credits: simonesavo

At the beginning of 2013 I also started developing black and white films. You can see some results here:

Credits: simonesavo

Recently, I have also started developing color films! I also hope to be able to print photos soon!

Credits: simonesavo

In 2013, I had the opportunity to make new friends and meet in person a couple of users. I hope to meet other fans like me and continue to be part of this beautiful community!

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