Taking Back Tipsters: Instax


For those Lomographers who want to see results ASAP and not wait for processing at the friendly neighborhood lab, Instax is the way to go! We’ve got a couple of helpful tips that members of the community have cooked up. Here’s Taking Back Tipsters!

Instant film has always been a part of photography. Professionals used to use it to test their lighting setups, and hobbyists like use it for… everything! Lomographers have an incessant thirst for making the most out of analogue camera and films, so it goes without saying that Instax will be broken down by the very best of Lab rats! Here’s a couple of techniques they’ve devised so far.

Let Your Creativity Show in an Instax! by themindseye

Don’t let anyone tell you that Instax is limited! You have a plethora of options to do, from making photo montages, image manipulation, and double exposure!

Redscale your Instax Pictures! by sandravo

Redscaling your Instax photos seems impossible, as you can’t flip your film, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

How to Peel Your Instax Film by buttonmunch

We all love the grungy look of Polaroid transfers. Here’s how to emulate it on the Instax!

Fuji Instax in Freezer by flashstalker

What happens when you put the Instax inside the freezer? You have to read this to find out!

Instax Photo Collage Optical Illusion by mafiosa

Sometimes, you unfortunately get blanks in your Instax photos, whether it be from a mechanical or user (cough) error. We have a nice way to salvage those empty photos!

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