35mm Film Slide Curtains

2013-12-20 1

Want to add more color to your living room? If you have a boatload of film slides, we’ve got the perfect project for you!

Photo from Recyclart

Be the envy of all your Lomographer friends with this nifty project for the holidays! All you need to become the center of attention are the following:


  • Large amount of film slides
  • Tape measure
  • Chain rings
  • Curtain Rod
  • Curtain Rings


  1. Measure the window area or the size you want the curtain to be
  2. Make sure you have enough film slides. Compute!
  3. Layout the color gradations you want. Or go random!
  4. Attach each slide to each other with the chain rings
  5. Attach the finished product to the curtain rod, and voila!

For comparison, the 2 photos shown shows a finished product that is 5ft 7in tall by 6ft wide and consists of 36 curtain rings, 1,152 vintage film slides and 1,152 slide mounts and almost 7,000 silver tone rings.

Photo from Recyclart

Information for this article was sourced from Recyclart

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