Top Shoutbox Users of 2013

That teeny-weeny shoutbox sure is small but terrible. It’s a fantastic venue to rave and rant, or to simply to get in touch. And so we present to you our Community members who never tire of speaking their mind—-our top shoutbox users of 2013!

djramsay from Southampton, United Kingdom

991 shouts

Credits: djramsay

aanum from Esbjerg, Denmark

945 shouts

Credits: aanum

aldaer from London, United Kingdom

788 shouts

Credits: aldaer

blueskyandhardrock from Los Angeles, CA, United States

566 shouts

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

dermanu from Bremen, Germany

522 shouts

Credits: dermanu

emkei from Trnava, Slovakia

481 shouts

Credits: emkei

kleinerkaries from Bremen, Germany

445 shouts

Credits: kleinerkaries

qrro from Lima, Peru

437 shouts

Credits: qrro

sirio174 from Como, Italy

375 shouts

Credits: sirio174

saidseni from Lisbon, Portugal

370 shouts

Credits: saidseni

dida from Portugal

326 shouts

Credits: dida

bebopbebop from Bandung, Indonesia

323 shouts

Credits: bebopbebop

poepel Merchweiler \ Neunkrichen \ Saarland, Germany

300 shouts

Credits: poepel

crevans27 Brighton, United Kingdom

294 shouts

Credits: crevans27

simonesavo from Rome – Frosinone -Pofi, Italy

263 shouts

Credits: simonesavo

bloomchen from Berlin, Germany

261 shouts

Credits: bloomchen

micky_s from Warsaw, Poland

237 shouts

Credits: micky_s

ohlordy from Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

229 shouts

Credits: ohlordy

stratski from Netherlands

226 shouts

Credits: stratski


224 shouts

Credits: lakandula

Those were a lot of shoutouts! Keep ’em coming. We look forward to your raves and rants in 2014.

written by jillytanrad on 2013-12-26 #news #top-shoutbox-users #best-of-2013 #best2013


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