My Year in Lomography


Here’s a quick jot down of my photography life in the past year for you to compare to your own. I found it hard to put my thoughts into words, so I tried to say it with photos as best as I could.

This year has been a short one; they seem to be getting shorter every year. I didn’t get as many good spring photos as I had hoped and as soon as summer had started I could feel winter striding closer. This changed my photography style from the laid back approach last year to a more of a conscious approach each day to get some interesting shots. Not that I was after a professional look at all, just seeking the details of the street that I might usually miss.

Smena Symbol – January Redscale at Greene King Brewery

Luckily, I was able to go on a couple of holidays that got me some nice shots on the Greek island of Zanti and the USA. Both gave great experiences with beautiful landscapes and local people. The latter of the two I should have had more confidence to take photos of.

Can Cam – Pizza with Georgia and Leanne (not pictured)

Another interesting situation was that I really felt the competition between my cameras. While the La Sardina and Fisheye No. 2 had always been must-haves on long walks, they were losing out to the Agat 18k, Lomo LC-A+ and ME-Super on a lot of occasions.

Smena Symbol – Warmer weather tempting me out more

I really took my cameras with me everywhere but finding the right time to take a photo was hard for me. Perhaps the right answer to the problem is “all of the time” but I still don’t have the indifference of annoying people that require me to click at people’s faces all of the time.

Smena Symbol – Seeing friends in Norwich lots

As my choice of cameras grew during the year I had to be more selective and I found myself with 5 or 6 cameras at a time, with half used film in them most of the time. This meant that I would end up going out with as many as I could carry just to have more variety and use up some film, which sounds terrible when I write it.

Bowling, Florida and the Girls not getting me coffee at the airport

Overall, the year went well but with nothing spectacular happening. I have enjoying browsing around the lomography website a lot more than I used to and felt like more of a community member at last.

LC-A+ – Love of churches

My top cameras for the year are my Pentax ME-Super, Lomo LC-A, and my BeLOMO Agat 18k; all of which have got me some great photos. I have had a lot of fun this year even though I am a bit of a 24-year-old grumpy old man and I am looking forward to more of the same and better in the year coming.

I am mostly without critique of my photography as my friends just find all of my photos weird so I am hoping to get more photos out there online to get the community feedback, so let me know what you all think.

Fisheye – Secret street snaps

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