Most Popular LomoKino Movies of 2013

The LomoKino is a nifty moviemaker that lets you recreate the most memorable moments of your life scene after scene. With stills you freeze a moment in time; with 35mm movies, you can live in that analogue moment over and over again. The LomoKino has inspired the filmmaker in many Lomographers, prompting them to create glorious analogue movies.

Grab a tub of popcorn and fill up your soda cup. We are honored to present the most popular LomoKino movies for 2013!

“Long spun thread” by matt_skwid

“Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” by guanatos

“Play” by blueskyandhardrock

“The Classic Wide Self Portraits” by adi_totp

“Lomo Time” by ping-junior

“Everybody Hates Goonies 8” by goonies

“Hope” by juansupergen

“My Analogue Life” by frauspatzi

“Ghost on the Beach” by satomi

“.Snailing in(Love).” by reneg88

✘ Vimeo:

“Farewell” by lilithmoon

“My Bridge” by kibs

“Summer Fairytale” by anya-barkauskas

“Dream of a Mermaid” by anya-barkauskas

“360° in 36 Frames: A Lomo Shoot-out at Waverley Abbey” by buckshot

“The 10 Prophecies Book” by susielomovitz

“The Incredible Story of Dr Lomotnik” by arnaudmartin

“Neige by LomoKino” by simonesavo

“K.I.T.” by mok

“Dance of the TLR” by gauthierdumonde

So, which one did you like best? If you were enthralled by these LomoKino movies, why not make your own?

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