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This is not really a location you will find on any map, but should you find yourself in Vammen in Denmark then I am sure the curator of this ever changing wonder land would be more than happy to give you a look round (and probably give you a beer).

This particular garden is the garden of my father in law, Niels. I am very fond of this man as he sees the world from a slightly different view to the rest of us. His passion in life is wood, so much so that when he saw the disrepair that Euro Team 1s box had gotten in to, he took it to his work shop and repaired it. He finds drift wood on the beach or rotting wood in a Forrest and takes it home. In his work shop he spends hours sanding and polishing the wood to bring out the natural splendor of nature. He also makes crosses for exhibitions and walking sticks. This latter part of his passion has earned him the name Stik Morfar within the family (Stick Grandpa)

His garden has become his gallery, exhibiting his many creations, in particular a tree from which hang various wooden and metal “sculptures” as he calls them and a bush from which hand gems and rocks and beads. All in all it creates a rather magical place and a lomographers dream.

When I visit we will spend hours in his workshop admiring wood and making stuff (and having a few beers). The film I used for some of this shoot was a film his wife (Anne Margrethe) gave me along which she had had sinse the 70’s, sadly the emulsion has started to come away so the images are a little grainy.

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    so niels has an open garden??? ;) cool location

  2. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    amazing gallery, as usual. number 7 and 11 are perfect. some of them are quite grainy as you said, but i think a 30 year old film deserves some respect! :)

  3. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    open garden open house and usually an open beer!

  4. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    cool... i take a coffee ;)

  5. blumenkind
    blumenkind ·

    wow, it looks very peaceful! :D i like it!! and niice pictures!

  6. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Absolutely love the photos and the garden, it's nice to have such a personal location.

  7. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet ! Tim Burton style gallery !

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