Seasonal Street Snap Suggestions


Winter is already here for most of us, and the towns are full of people and decorations for you to capture on film. Here are some tips for street photography that have helped me to cover the seasonal hustle and bustle.

1. Be safe. Stand in the middle of the road.
When looking down a street and taking a photo that is nicely lit with Christmas decorations, there is nothing worse than being off balanced. Standing in the middle of the road to even out your view is a great way to capture the depth of the scene. Just be careful!

2. Look for weirdos.

Most of the people walking the streets in winter will be all wrapped up in scarves ad hats. But we have all seen that one chap in shorts and t-shirt when the temperature sub-zero. Take a photo of him, because that kind of stuff need documenting!

3. Go over the shoulder and I don’t mean your own.

When you are taking street snaps of the general population it can sometimes feel like you have singled one person out just because they are close to you. Try taking a photo over the closest person’s shoulder so that it’s obvious you are looking at everyone from a street point of view.

4. Find the Chiristmas-only shop decor.

Shops will often have a little extra in the window for Christmas and this is a great time to get a snap a friendly little character smiling at you. Plastic reindeer won’t say no to portrait photography.

5. Look for color.

This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget that in low light (as winter days often are) you might not get the vibrancy you are used to in the summer months. Make an effort to look for colorful objects to include in your shots to make them stand out from the shades of white.

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