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Share with us the most lomographic moment of your past valentines!

親愛的 Lomographers,想必你們都剛渡過一個難忘的情人節吧?你們有以 Analogue 相機拍下甚麼快樂的照片嗎?也不若和我們分享一下你快樂的經歷。

親愛的 Lomographers,想必你們都剛渡過一個難忘的情人節吧?你們有以 Analogue 相機拍下甚麼快樂的照片嗎?也不若在下面的留言框中和我們分享一下你的快樂經歷。

Dear Lomographers, I am sure you had wonderful time in the previous Valentine! Did you take any good picture with your analogue camera? Come share with us Lomographic moments you spent with your special love one.

1.在今年的情人節,他/ 她送給你甚麼禮物?
What did you get/ give from your lover in the last Valentine’s day?

2.在你渡過的情人節裡,曾最是 Lomographic 的時光又是甚麼?
Share with us the most Lomographic moment of your past Valentine’s Day?

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