The LC-A Spotted in DigitalRev TV's New Video

2013-12-18 3

In this new video from DigitalRev TV, Kai gives out his usual mix of helpful and dubious advice – it’s up to you to figure out which is which!

DigitalRev TV is one of, if not the most popular YouTube channels out there related to photography. Their newest video features 5 ways you can improve your photography and at the same time, 5 quick tips for instant gratification on photo-hosting websites. Some of the advice they give is helpful while some are not. Let’s just hope you can discern for yourself which is which. In any case, one of the advice offered in improving your photography is to shoot film, in which our beloved LOMO LC-A makes a cameo. Check it out!

written by cruzron on 2013-12-18 #news #videos #lc-a #hong-kong #news #digitalrev


  1. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    At least half of the video is simply stupid

  2. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    It's the same with all of the videos on that channel. Sometimes quite amusing though (if only by accident)
    I just cant believe he smashed that camera. I wonder what it was.

  3. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    Not sure but I think it's a Holga

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