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Maybe you’ve heard about this project already, and you even participated in our first issue, where we showed the most original selfies. But, in case you didn’t, this is your chance! Keep reading and find out what we are looking for in our second issue!

As photographers — nay, as artists — we have those moments when we hit a wall or realize that we have been exhausting the same technique for a long time. We feel this overpowering, sometimes debilitating need to make a change, to step out of our comfort zones, to move ourselves to do something…well…different.

For our next issue, we want you to do exactly that — to push yourselves to your limits and do something completely off-the-wall. In fact, we want you to go over that wall. We want you to go out there and create the most bizarre images you’ll ever take. We want the twisted. We want the fantastic. We want the unexpected.

We want you to send it over to us. Who knows, your strangest work ever might just be what we need in our most surreal issue yet!

Submit your images (analogue ones, of course!) in JPEG format, along with the title, a short statement, your location, and the camera and film used, via our Lomography collection. Please limit your submissions to 10 images maximum.

We’ve set the deadline the on the 25th of January. Let’s see what you’ve got!

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