Caffeinated Haunts: Cafe De Seoul (Taft Avenue, Manila)


If you’re looking for a nice and cozy spot to read, study, or relax with a cup or two of delicious coffee, I have just the series for you. Join me as I roam around Metro Manila (and hopefully, elsewhere in the world) to look for some caffeinated haunts worth checking out!

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In a recent post, I told about my love for coffee and quest to find the best coffee shops around my city, and maybe even elsewhere in the world whenever fate allows. For the first installment, let me show you around one of my favorite caffeinated haunts to date: Cafe De Seoul in Taft Avenue, Manila.

Korean-style coffee shops and concept cafes have been popping up around Metro Manila in the recent years, and Cafe De Seoul joined the roster when it opened in March this year. A stone’s throw away from a major university along Taft Avenue in Manila, the travel-inspired Korean cafe has been the go-to place of students in the area, and I think it’s not just because of its proximity to the university.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the cafe is the ambiance: a blend of cute, cozy, and roomy. The space is actually oddly-shaped so I found their table arrangement and use of space really impressive. Aside from the usual tables and chairs, there are also long tables facing the windows, with overhead lamps that make reading and studying comfortable. I also love how the travel-themed touches blend well with the clean color scheme of whites and neutrals.

The cafe also has some dedicated spots where visitors can leave notes and photos.

Aside from hot and blended coffee beverages, Cafe De Seoul also serves mouth-watering cakes, pastries, waffles, and Bing Soo, a Korean shaved ice dessert served during summer (which is perfect for the Philippines’ toasty weather all year round). For those who want to try something cold or non-coffee, they also have mocktails, Seoul Teas, and Alternative drinks.

I usually go for Caramel Macchiato and any cheesecake whenever I visit a cafe for the first time. I’m going to try their Choco Volcano and Bing Soo desserts next time!

Cafe De Seoul
Unit 12, 2/F One Archer’s Place Bldg
Taft Avenue, Manila
Philippines 1004
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