Because Selfies are for Lomography Cameras Too


Just this year, 2013, the word “selfie” was made popular due to the existence of smart phones. However, long before that word was invented, we Lomography addicts have been doing it unknowingly! I myself am a living proof and here’s my piece to prove it.

The word “selfie” is a slang term for self-portrait which is typically taken by yourself… OF yourself. Due to the emerging of the digital age, smart phones have made this trend popular. BUT, as lomography enthusiasts, this can also be made popular through the use of our own lomocameras; whatever they may be.

As a fan of traveling with my lomocamera, there’s always that moment where there’s no one around to take a picture of me on a very interesting place. What my instinct drives me to do is just to do it by myself and freeze that memorable moment! Sometimes, it just comes natural to raise the camera up and pose.

Credits: imnotgic

Like in smart phone selfies, “lomoselfies”, as I would like to call it, gets into your system when you see a huge mirror that can capture your profile or whole body! Haven’t we been doing that since we held on to our first lomocamera? It even gives us the chance to experiment! Bottomline is, even though the innovation of the digital age when it comes to cameras is dominating the world by storm, the brightest wonders and magic can still be experienced through your own lomography camera.

Credits: imnotgic

Try one for yourself and even have it uploaded on Facebook or Instagram! As a Lomography fan, why not even make it a trend and add the hashtag “#lomoselfie”. It’s one of the best things to give this timeless hobby a shot of fame into today’s generation!

Credits: imnotgic

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