Tigertown gives us an exclusive look into their music-making adventures in the US

Tigertown is an indie-pop band based out of Australia. The members didn’t come together through the common route musicians take, where shared musical preferences inspire them to jam and join forces. Charlie’s sister, Crystal; Chris’ sister, Elodie and brother, Alexi; and their drummer, Kurt, joined them after. The music is all in the family, so to speak.

Tigertown’s EP ‘Wandering Eyes’ is out and they’ve been actively performing live down under since last year, but had their initiation in the international music scene just recently. The band was in New York for the CMJ Festival. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with Chris Collins, Tigertown’s guitarist, who answered some questions for our latest Lomo Amigo post!

1. Hey y’all! Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Hi, we are a band called Tigertown from Sydney, Australia. We have brothers, sisters and marriage in the band and love classic pop music.

2. Were any of you involved in our lomographic world before this, or are you all new to it?
I’ve been taking film photos for the last year and often use Lomography films like Lady Grey and X-Pro. Our Facebook is filled with photos on the Lady Grey, we liked how it felt like a 70s band. This was the first time that we used a Lomo camera though!

3. Tigertown was recently in New York as part of the CMJ Festival. How did the Big Apple treat you while you were here?
We all fell in love with New York like everyone does I guess. We did a lot of running around, making sure we saw everything from our favorite TV shows and movies. Some of our fondest memories are of the food… yum. The CMJ shows were really cool too, and we saw some amazing music from around the world.

4. What was it like to rerecord “What You Came Here For” with Village Records at NYU?
It felt like a dream recording a song in New York City. The NYU studios are so cool, we were able to track it all live together like the old days. The whole team there were so good to work with and showed us plenty of cool bars once we were done.

5. As a band made up of siblings, do you ever find sibling rivalry effecting your band dynamic, or do you feel it’s made you stronger as a lean, mean music-making machine?
It is a pretty efficient machine because we have hard, fast fights, so things get done quickly. Sibling arguments work well because we’ve had a life time of practice. It also makes touring less stressful, we call each tour a family holiday. So I think I’d go with the stronger option.

6. Where was your favorite place to tour/play?
In New York, the east village was definitely the buzziest music scene. Our favorite venue was Pianos, there was so many cool bands playing all the time, so playing there was probably a highlight.

7. If you could adventure to any time or place with a camera by your side, where would you go?
I would go back to 1969 and blow 10 rolls of film on Jimi Hendix’s set at Woodstock. I’d get a lanyard so I could run all over the stage too.

8. What was your favorite thing about shooting with our cameras?
We loved the “from the hip” style shooting. The cool wide lens makes it so much fun to just snap at anything. Spontaneous, in the moment shots are our favorite, so this little camera was perfect for that.

9. What song best represents these pictures?
I’m going to go with “What You Came Here For” not just because it is our single, but because I think the pictures show an inside feeling of what we experienced on our first USA trip.

10. What’s next for Tigertown?
We are making our first album! Been writing ever since the inspirational trip, we have a tour in January to try out the new material, then we hit the studio. We always make sure our recording space looks good for photos so be assured there will be plenty of rolls filled by the end.

Keep posted on what’s new with Tigertown through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and their website.

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