Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic: A Beauty in a Convenient Size!


Who wouldn’t fall immediately in love with the Fuji Neo Classic’s neo-vintage good looks? I did, and immediately so. The possibility of having double and long exposure makes the camera really interesting.

I was very excited as I unwrapped her (‘her’ refers to my new Fuji Neo Classic). She is, ‘in person’ really just as beautiful as what is depicted in pictures on the Internet, if not even more beautiful. And finally, I was able to touch her!

I shot only two packs with it but overall, I’m very pleased with the camera. I had the slightest problems with over exposure under really bright lighting conditions. I think Fuji shouldn’t have combined 800 ISO film with only 1/400 shutter speed. Nevertheless, the camera satisfied me.

When you use the Neo Classic, you should do so in the right order, with the correct settings. First is double which I did on macro mode. I had a problem with the macro mode; it got disabled when I set the double mode. So I set the camera first on double, and then on macro, and always kept my eye on the display.

At first ,my pictures which I shot on normal mode, I wondered why some things far away weren’t really sharp, especially those with subjects shot at a certain distance. So I looked at the manual and saw that I should set the camera on landscape mode when the subject is more than 3 meters away.

When you keep an eye on small details and settings, you get wonderful pictures. I really like the colors indoors and in artificial light. Here are my favorites:

Credits: pearlgirl77

The double exposure works really well too. I set the camera on darken mode.

Credits: pearlgirl77

This one is too light:

Credits: pearlgirl77

And now, a picture of me and the Fuji Neo Classic.

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