Monday Moodboard: Caffeinated Haunts


One of the things that make me happy is a steaming cup of delicious coffee. Pair it with some yummy pastries and you’ll find me grinning from ear to ear. This is why I’m always on the look out for nice spots to savor a cup of java while reading a book, making doodles, brainstorming, or simply hanging out.

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Ask me to name my drug and I will answer “COFFEE!” without batting an eyelash. A cup of delicious coffee does wonders at improving my mood and boosting my productivity — something that I’m sure I share with many other fellow coffee lovers out there. However, I’ve grown tired of the usual noisy, crowded, often overpriced coffee joints, so I’m always looking for other spots to enjoy a cup of perk-me-up in peace.

Here in Manila, boutique cafes and and specialty coffee shops have been sprouting everywhere in the recent years, each trying to outdo each other in terms of ambiance, interiors, services, and of course, flavorful coffee and tasty pastry offerings. This ongoing trend, of course, works to the advantage of discerning caffeine junkies like me.

A sign leading to an interesting cafe my travel companions and I passed by in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. I’m putting this here to remind myself to visit this cafe the next time I go to Vigan.

This why I decided to share my coffee shop finds in a series for the Locations section. Entitled Caffeinated Haunts, the series will feature some of my old and new favorite coffee places around Metro Manila, and if fate allows, those I find elsewhere in the world as well. If you’re also after cozy spaces with lovely interiors and great coffee/tea/food, I hope this series will help you find your new caffeinated haunts!

I will be kicking off this new series very soon, so I hope you’ll stick around for updates!

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