Shooting the Southern Manila view from a high-rise tower in Makati with the Sprocket Rocket


Exactly on the first day of this month, I finally had my first proper brush with Lomography!

It’s a shame that, for almost three months that I’ve been with Lomography Manila, I was only been able to shoot with a Lomography camera only recently. With my new officemates organizing a pizza/roofdeck party for the whole team early December, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to finally do so – especially since everyone who has already been to the venue before were saying that the view from there was amazing.

And so backed with the reminders and tips Joy so kindly gave me when I borrowed the Sprocket Rocket from the office, I set off on capturing my first ever lomographs as soon as we reached the venue. I was able to use up the entire roll of expired Kodak ColorPlus 100 ISO (36 shots, a total of 18 panoramas when you’re shooting with this camera), and all I’ve taken were photos of the view of Southern Manila.

Considering all the mistakes I made while shooting with the Sprocket Rocket – i.e., failing to load the film properly and then prematurely opening the camera’s back to retrieve the roll, thinking I’m already done rewinding it – I think I’m pretty lucky to have eight out of 18 properly exposed! I was just so relieved knowing that I didn’t mess up this roll like I’ve previously thought.

Here’s the only photo that was properly exposed that I took in the late afternoon.

Credits: chooolss

And here’s the rest, all photos of the night view and taken in Bulb mode. I’m no longer including the others since some of them are just photos of the same scene.

Credits: chooolss

All the technical stuff aside (and I know I don’t talk a lot in real life so I’d like to take this opportunity to say this now), I really had so much fun that day. Come to think of it, it was a day of firsts for me: first time hanging out with my awesome colleagues outside of the office setting, as well as dining at the famous Little Tokyo nearby. The sudden downpour that afternoon surely didn’t put a damper to our plans.

So when’s our next party going to be, guys?

written by chooolss on 2013-12-22 #lifestyle #panorama #sprocket-rocket #lomographic-first

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