Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic: Instant Gratification from a Retro Machine


I bought an Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic as my first instant camera. Read on to find out why it’s worth the extra hundred bucks.

I’ve never owned an instant camera before. Polaroid film is too expensive, and the Instax camera just doesn’t appeal to me. The look of the Instax isn’t my thing, and I don’t like the very limited controls. I hate how the flash must always fire when I absolutely hate flash.

The announcement of the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, however, gave me a sudden change of heart. While I wouldn’t take the previous Instax models seriously, the latest one certainly made me want to have it. So even if its price is twice of the Instax Mini 8’s, I bought it. And I don’t have any regrets at all.

The first thing to like about this camera is its very retro look. Everyone who saw this model for the first time is shocked to find out that it’s an Instax camera because it’s different from the previous very toy-looking models. It also packs a rechargeable battery unlike the other models.

What made this camera stand out from the rest of the Instax lineup is its extra shooting modes. I was so psyched when I found out that this camera has double exposure and bulb modes! The other modes also make it simpler for you to take lowlight “party” shots, action shots using the “kids” mode, landscapes and portraits.

I absolutely abused the double exposure mode!

Another thing I love is the option to not fire the flash. I use it a lot on outdoor shots and double exposures.

Credits: in-the-sky

I definitely recommend getting this to anyone, especially to those people like me who initially didn’t want to get an Instax.

written by in-the-sky on 2013-12-16 #gear #review #instax #retro #instant-camera #double-exposure #instax-mini-90-neo-classic

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