Taking Back Tipsters: In and Out of the Darkroom


The analogue images you take don’t magically become photos just because you will it into existence. The darkroom is where all the magic happens! Whether you’re adept at developing at home or not, here’s a couple of darkroom-centric Tipsters for you guys to pore over this weekend.

Developing your own film is one of the most fulfilling parts of shooting analogue. It gives you unbridled freedom over your images, and there’s something zen about being cooped up all alone in darkness. In this week’s Taking Back Tipsters, we focus on community written articles that delve into the darkroom. Read up and enjoy!

Processing Color Reversal Film into Slides with E6 Chemistry by asharnanae

Developing black & white at home is easy. Color is relatively simple. Slides on the other hand, is a completely different animal! User asharnanae insists that its a piece of cake though, let’s see how she does it!

Credits: asharnanae

Printing RA4 Color Photos in a Darkroom by asharnanae

Darkroom printing isn’t done in one try. If you manage to pull it off, consider yourself lucky. But for most people, it involved lots of tries in getting the color right.

Blow It Up: Convert Your Konstruktor into an Enlarger by themindseye

To print photos of the films you developed in the darkroom, you’ll need an enlarger. Here’s a nifty trick to make your Konstruktor into one.

Processing a Kodachrome 64 In B&W by vicuna

As most photographers know, Kodakchrome development has been stopped. If you still have some undeveloped rolls that you want to try developing, you can try this tipster!

The Rewards of Home Processing Colour Film by akula

Home development sounds like a risky endeavor, but it is easier than it sounds. Just make sure to follow these simple steps and you’ll be right as rain.

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