Electrify Your Winter With the Lomography X Tungsten Films!

2013-12-16 1

White is not the only color of winter! You can get crazy color shifts and warmer shades of blue, pink and violet when you use the Lomography Tungsten films!

Credits: peropero

Get serious colors and play around the snow this winter with the Lomography X Tungsten film! You can liven up your plain white snow photos and turn them into electrifying photographs worthy of a surreal painting! You can have fun this winter while you try out new things and why not start with this color slide film?

Warm tones and shocking colors are what you can expect with the Lomography x Tungstesn 64 film. This professional quality film can add amazing colors and cool effects to your photographs without the need for filters and other gadgets. Just load up, shoot and voila! Amazing shifts and quirky effects guaranteed! Paint the winter skies and icy snow with a palette of electrifying colors with the Lomography Tungsten Film!

Credits: tiano, lereile, lilithmoon, natalieerachel, lighthouseblues, anthropus, coca & ihave2pillows

Shoot sparks right off your camera with the Lomography X Tungsten ISO 64 films. This color slide film will make sure that your photos will pack a punch. Experience the Tungsten treatment and order a pack now!

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  1. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    i'd really like to push the like button if the film was available in the store. but it is not. i don't really get what it's for.

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