Monday Moodboard: You Can't Delete on Film


There are always people that shy away from the camera and there are those who don’t even care if you’re up against his nose when you’re being ridiculous when taking his picture. Meet my mom and an old buddy of mine.

After this was taken, she actually told me to delete the photo. Sorry, mom. You can’t delete on film!

It’s official – my mom always tells me to delete my photos of her whenever she knows I just snapped a stolen picture of her. She just takes my camera phone away from me and makes sure that the picture is forever lost in digital wasteland. Now I have a fool-proof way to get her, I’ll use a film camera.

Credits: cheeo

Maybe it’s just me and my (annoying, according to my mom) habit of taking quick snaps of friends and family when they’re not looking. It just seems fun! Mom hates it but my good buddy Jepp is her exact opposite. He likes to get up close and personal with the camera!

My mom and my good buddy, juxtaposed. The gang in a restaurant, the cute kid is my son and the lovely woman sitting next to him is his mum.

He’s also a photography nut and he lets me use some of his cameras like the Nikon FM-10 and the Vivitar IC100 (pictures to follow, soon) to play with. Jepp said that I can borrow those cameras “forever.” Nice fellow, really. Anyhow, I like taking pictures of these two whether they like it or not. We’ll just see if they can keep up with me badgering them around with a camera now, won’t we?

written by cheeo on 2013-12-16 #news #film #snaps #stolen #monday-moodboard-series

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