Chasing My Little Boy Around With the Olympus Pen EE-2

2013-12-15 1

Having a pocket rocket of a kid run around all over the place is tiring but fun. It’s more fun when you’ve got 72 shots to create fun memories with!

I have to admit it, I’ve almost forgotten about shooting with film with all the fast-paced action. I noticed that everything seems to be cluttered and I can’t focus on one thing without my mind drifting away. So for my first really personal entry here on the site, I decided that I was going to take up film photography again just for the fun of it. I’d forgotten that it was this much fun.

Credits: cheeo

The plan was set. It was a long weekend in the Philippines and my family planned to go to the Manila Ocean Park to show our little bundle of joy the great wonders of the sea. I mentioned the idea to some of the folks at the office and someone offered to lend me a camera (thanks, mindyminde!) Mindy lent me his beloved Olympus Pen EE-2 and briefed me about the basics of the camera. I got giddy all of a sudden.

I loaded it with an expired roll of Kodak Gold 100 and off I went to pick the family up for a day of activities and good food. The first thing that I noticed about the camera when I started shooting pictures with it is the weight. For a compact camera, the Pen is built tough and hard. The film rewind knob, shutter, and switches are all built to last.

Gab and his lovely mum.

Some of my shots with the Pen came out just the way I wanted them. They didn’t allow flash photography inside the park that’s why I shot only when there was enough light to expose the film. For an experiment and a dip in the waters of analogue photography, I’d say that I’m pretty contented with the results.

Credits: cheeo

I thought that there was going to be parallax error with the camera since it’s a viewfinder camera but the scans that came out didn’t disappoint. They look just like the way I pictured them when I looked into the view finder. The Pen’s Electronic Eye calculated light perfectly and assured you good exposure each time. Some of my shots came out underexposed because of poor indoor lighting. Got to tell myself to bring a flash next time I do those indoor shots. My little boy made me work for the shots. I’m telling you, I felt like an old man when I chased that dynamo of a little kid.

Credits: cheeo

As you can see, I just took pictures as they came. No need to frame meticulously with the Olympus Pen EE-2. You just wind the film, aim and shoot. Simple as that. But still, you can create great diptychs with this camera. I just need to find myself a good roll of black and white film and a model next time. 72 shots don’t seem enough for a fun shoot like this.

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  1. wreckingpress
    wreckingpress ·

    A great little camera indeed. Since lending it to my then girlfriend, soon to be wife now, she has claimed it as her own by default. loaded with B&W films it has a great latitude in the darkroom. fantastic that we don't have to worry about picking shots so much at 72 frames.

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