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My Wishlist to Close a Good Lomo Year


The year 2013 is my Lomo year. I finished my studies and started working. I should say, there was also some free time. During my studies, I had only a few hours per week of free time, because I had to work after the lessons. So, what did I do with all the free time? I got out my old Mr. Pinki and started a new part of my Lomo Life.

I bought a lot of cameras and started writing articles for At the beginning of 2013 I got a Diana Baby and my love, the Retina 1b. In summer, I bought the Sprocket Rocket one of my favorite cameras. Last but not least, I learned a lot about the mechanical settings of an SLR camera with the Konstruktor. At the end of autumn, I got a new Spinner 360°, because my old one said “hello!” to the rocks at the Elbsandsteingebirge. The camera was totally destroyed.

Now, after this good Lomo Year I would like to start develop films by myself to understand a little bit more about good old photography.

Here’s my wishlist for this year:

Starter Set Film Basic
Starter Set Paper Basic

Here’s a little poem for you Santa (I hope you’ll like it!):

It rustles and swishes
and all the good wishes
are filling the air.

It sparkles and twinkles
and ribbons with crinkles
are everywhere.

There’s drumming and bugles
and chanting and chorals
— a beautiful blare.

It’s scenting and fragrant:
baked apples with cinnamon
and tasty Eclairs.

It swooshes and whooshes
the place full of rushes:
Christmas is here.

A lovely Christmas for everyone!


written by baujulia on 2013-12-17 #baujulia #christmas-time #analogue-lifestyle #lifestyle #wishlist #winter #poem #lomography

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