Chinatown, London


Behind the heart of London’s Cinema land Leicester Square, lies Lisle Street this will take you to our Chinatown.

Once you leave Leicester Square via Leicester Place or Street in front of you is a street full of Chinese shops and restaurants busting with amazing smells sights and bargains, if you have turned right toward little Newport Street and followed the road around to the left you will pass a great shop for all things Cultural, Guanghwa co. 7 Newport Place WC2H, literature on the main floor and downstairs drawing equipment, wonderful smells of Chinese ink and paper, buy some brushes and practice your character writing.

Turn left again and before you will stand the Gates to Chinatown itself, there will be no mistaking where you are, Gerrard Street has beautiful lanterns adorning the street at all points and crisscrossing above your head. Many of the restaurants are worth a try and it’s worth looking for the ones with reasonable prices. Avoid some if you can only see tourists, try and eat in the ones where you can see staff or fellow Chinese eating, then you know they are okay.

To the end of the street and back under the other gates is Wardour Street, known for it’s old film connections, unfortunately not so much anymore! Right from here will lead you to Shaftesbury Avenue, here you could turn right again and pass more shops with a Chinese flavor and eventually you could do a full circle by turning into Gerrard Place.

Chinatown is minutes away from all the main tourist spots in the centre of London so it really is worth a visit even if it’s just a walk through to somewhere else.

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