London's Beaches


Londoners do have access to a beach, in fact quite a few of them but they are not the usual golden sands and shingle of our British coastline. At certain points along the banks of the River Thames, when the tide goes out you will find little patches of heaven.

If you are city bound and longing for a closer relationship with the sea or at least the River then the best thing you could do is to get a tide timetable or check online for when the tide will be low or starting to go out. This will give you longer to spend on the beach either making sandcastles, yes it is possible and in quite a grand way or to go ‘mudlarking’ along the strand line or at the shore edge.

The river has a lot of history and tends to throw up some fantastic finds, everything from the very common broken pieces of old pipe that have their own story to tell to small pieces of pottery and even coins and I’m talking ‘old’ coins which can be quite valuable. Sometimes it is worth getting these items checked out for their importance and value, you never know what you may have. I have picked up a number of items like this without much effort. Taking these along to the Museum of London can be interesting.

During the winter the beaches have a completely different feel to them, they are often empty, solitary places with a lot of atmosphere, great for making moody images especially with pinholes! The summer is very different especially when it is festival time along the Southbank. The beach in front of Gabriels Wharf is great for making sandcastles and often there are people who are obviously aloud to construct really big sand sculptures, you can watch them from above and throw money in their pot!

In front of the Royal Festival Hall and surrounding the Festival Pier upto the BFI area the group “Reclaim the Beach” have also held parties on the beach with stages and music, it’s a fantastic atmosphere. Don’t miss it this summer!

Be sensible on the foreshore and make sure you know where your nearest set of steps is if you get distracted and the tide has come in! The Thames is now one of the cleaner rivers in Europe but it’s fast moving so paddling isn’t an option if it’s coming in.

Have fun

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  1. dazb
    dazb ·

    My friend is involved with "Thames21" - a charity who cleans these beaches, and other parts of the Thames. The other day they found a grenade, and had to get the bomb-squad down!

  2. disdis
    disdis ·

    what a wow gallery! I'm going to london in 3 weeks and carry this location with me....

  3. neja
    neja ·

    u should come visit me in wapping! i'll show u more beaches

  4. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    @dazb yeah I heard about that was watching on TV, disgusting plastic bags buried in the mud, I have a friend who regularly 'mudlark' and have found amazing things like valuable coins and items of clothing, some are now in the museum.
    @disdis Thank you hope you enjoy your visit and it's a lot warmer! how long are you staying?
    @Neja Ha Wapping is delightful I love that bit, it was better years ago when it still looked Victorian and there were no new developments. i used to draw all the old wharfs then, the bit over the south side near the Ecology Centre is also a good spot easy to get down there.
    Thanks for all the comments!

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice shots ! I LOVE N°14 !

  6. annegreat
    annegreat ·

    Extraordinary pics!

  7. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Love it! I think I might shamefully copy you and go down there soon before spring/summer arrives and take some pinhole Dianas… :)

  8. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    outstanding gallery!

  9. rogue
    rogue ·

    youre little entry there about Gabriels Wharf there reminded me of some of my favourite pictures i have using my supersampler. i do love taking a ramble along the themes whenever im in london :)

  10. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Oh wow! thanks everyone I really appreciate the feedback, it's great when you can use a location, glad to inspire some healthy copying sibu_sen!
    @rogue I'll check out your samplers
    Thanks stouf annegreat and stephan ;)

  11. mariadelmar
    mariadelmar ·

    Interesting story. Loved pic #14!

  12. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    Lomographer was here :)

  13. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    "Lomographer was here"

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