Portraits and the Squinch!

2013-12-11 1

Having trouble with the deer caught in the headlights look for your portraits? Change all of that with a simple change – the squinch!

For some people, looking good in photos is natural. For most of the population though, we tend to look a bit… strange. One of the reasons that this happens (supposedly) is because when we’re faced with a camera, we don’t act natural. Think about it. You don’t go the whole day wide-eyed and waiting for the shutter to click. To avoid the dreaded deer caught in the headlights look, all you have to do is one thing – squinch!

To squinch (or to smize, if you’re a fan of Tyra and ANTM) is to simply squint your upper eyelids and pinch your lower eyelids just a teensy, tiny bit, and it will work wonders.

Photographer Peter Hurley has prepared a whole 15 minute video about the wonders of squinching and what it can do for your portraits. Check it out!

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