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Color Post-it your selections all over the Lomography City Guide, pack your films, and trust that you’ll be safe with the locals!

This is a very late correspondence from me to the writers of Lomography City Guide Vienna. First of all, thank you for doing such a great job! Secondly, I feel sorry that I could not do everything on the darn book in 4 days!

1. Street Art

Check! You can stop by thousands of street art as you hang around in the city. It is much like little surprises scattered here and there.

Banana was sprayed to the entrance of Haus Hundertwasser, which is an amazing and inspiring building hosting a bunch of lucky bastards.

2. Dogs and Dog Poo

Well, check. I have been expecting some interesting dog madness when I read this part, like a dog park, dog poo bag boxes (in Prague, there are several paper bag stations so that you can pick after your dog) etc. I have seen a couple of tiny doggies though. Travel to U.S. if you want to see crazy dogs with leather jackets.

3. Old Shops


4. City bikes

No check, mister. I mean, 20 Euros for registration?!

5. Subway Stations


6. Italian Delights: Osteria Del Collio

Check-mate. Amazing pizza and wine. BUT, if you want to eat the best schnitzel of Vienna, just go to Figlmüller. I have never eaten such schnitzel in my life. I can dream of the potato salad even after a year now.

7. Museumsquartier

Check! Stop by the Lomography Gallery Store’s lovely place for some film ammo. The square is a pretty relaxing place to have a rest for a while and check the museums.

8. Amerling

This is a great place with lots of friendly waiters (one of them was Turkish!). Everyone has a second home in their city, like a place you can visit every night to have a couple of drinks and catch up with friends. I felt like i was in one of my second homes in here. Absolutely local, do not hesitate to visit.

9. Volksgarten


10. Schönbrunn Alley

Check! No wonder royals had too many things to lose against their citizens. Such prosperity.

11. Rathausplatz Ice Skating

Check! This is a very lovely square that people eat and drink something, and skate. Music can be also good sometimes.

12. Listen to Classical Music

Check, like a sir! If you visit Vienna, never, ever be lazy about a concert. It’s something ordinary, like breakfast. I had the chance to listen Requiem of Mozart, and then visited his so-called grave to give my gratitude.

13. Praterstern

Check! Amazing place to visit in a dark weather — every single game and mascot can look like a post apocalyptic horror movie.

I was horrified when i saw a carousel held by real horses. Dude, that is so uncool. Please do something about that.

14. Other Things: Cycling the City, Belvedere


This is the first stop if you take a bike trip through the city. Stop by and have a slice of their homemade cakes, then keep moving.

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