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The Analogue Reader: Awesome Bookmarks to Add on Your Christmas Wishlist


By now, many of us bibliophiles already have a long list of nice books to ask from Santa Claus (a.k.a. friends and family) this Christmas. But, what about asking them to throw in a nice bookmark or two as well?

While I’m the type of reader who will simply use any card or photo as a bookmark, I certainly won’t mind having a dedicated bookmark or two, especially if they’re the cool, cute, or crazy kind! While my fellow bibliophiles most likely already have a lot of books on their wishlists, I’m sure they’d also want to pair their new books with some bookmarks as awesome as these:

Zipmark by Peleg Design Studio

GreenMarker by Yuruliku

Sprout Bookmark

Liquid Bookmark by Kyouei Design

Zombie Hand Bookmarks by Anna Sternik

Or, if you’re the crafty, DIY type and you’d rather have (or give away) some bookmarks you’ve made yourself with love, you can always try out these bookmark projects:

Create a Stylish Bookmark with 35mm Film

Lomo Bookmarks

Create your own Lomography bookmark!

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