Midweek Music Video: Bluebird by Foals


This week’s entry looks like a shady gathering of, of… musicians?

All shot in black and white with the time stamps to match, this music video from indie rock band Foals didn’t need special effects to create a cool-looking video. “Bluebird” is supposed to be included in the album Holy Fire but sadly, it didn’t make the cut. The CCTV effect of the video looks like there’s something illicit going on. Then it just hits you, they’re just making music. And good music at that!

Photos by Dave Ma

The band from Oxford, England plainly showcases their musicality on this video. The simple fading and zooming of the different angles during the intimate recording session match the subtle and smooth hits of the song. This music video from the band is far from the usual overlapping effects that you can find on the videos for their other songs “Late Night” and “Bad Habit.”

With or without the video, the song can stand alone on its own. We can’t wrap our heads around why it wasn’t included in their album but we’re okay with the fact that this CCTV video is out there. Give the video a try and see (and hear) just what we mean!

See more film photographs of the band from Dave Ma here.

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