Shooting With The Reader's Digest Freebie Plastic Panorama Camera

2013-12-23 2

A Small plastic panoramic cammera, gift of Reader´s Digest Cammera;

The Reader’s Digest Magazine emerged in United States of America in 1922, owned by Dewitt Wallace and Lila Wallace as a collection of articles published previously in magazines and journals but in a little time started to count on its own article. During World War II, the magazine was translated into several languages including Portuguese and Spanish.

It didn’t have any kind of technical indication but the lens looks like it is 24mm.

Even today the Reader’s Digest circulates in the same format and it still is an amusing read. The older editions are collectible items.

Another thing that makes the magazine cool is the amazing prizes they give out. Every month, subscribers are invited to join a raffle for prizes. They sometimes give out a car for a prize. It was in one of this raffles that my wife, won a cute plastic panoramic camera.

When we got married, the camera tagged along. It didn’t have any kind of identification of origin or trademark. It was all made of plastic, even the lens but I didn’t disassemble it to make sure. The panoramic image was a lot different than what the Sprocket Rocket makes. This freebie camera made a smaller vertical image but increased the horizontal size.

It’s a particularly handy camera and I think it takes amazing photos. It needs a lot of light and it was easy to underexpose images. It can also create nice vignettes and it kept me company on wonderful trips.

Back then, the photo-labs used to ask for a lot of money for development of these pictures, that’s why I only used it a few times. The film used for the photos in this article stayed in the camera for almost 5 years. The camera appeared sporadically on some of our trips, hence the variety of travel photos. With a kick of nostalgia and a simple point-and-shoot feature, this little camera from the past is a sure keeper.

(Special thanks to Eliana Ferreira Ventura for helping me with my English.)

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  1. crevans27
    crevans27 ·

    I have two of these. One black and one red. If you remove the frame inside it's very similar to the UWS

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    I have a few of these for give aways for kids. The blister pack calls them "Wedding Reception Camera" and they're in pastel colors.

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