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Dramatic black & whites are always in your grasp with the Fomapan 100. Low contrast shots with minimal grain, even if over or underexposed, are what you’d expect to get with this medium format wonder. Capture the glamour of monochrome today with the Fomapan! Here are a couple of community reviews to whet your appetite further!

Credits: sandravo

Fomapan 100: A Great Black and White Medium Format Film by sandravo

To round things up I would say I was impressed by what the Fomapan 100 film delivered. I will most definitely use it again in the future, not in the least because of a peculiar thing I noticed in the shot below. If you look carefully you’ll find that some of the parts in the background appear to painted, water coloured even (look at where the wall hits the water). I am not sure whether this is due to the film or whether this is an artifact of my limited B&W developing skills, but I like it!

Credits: sirio174

Fomapan 100 and Diana F+: A Recipe for a Magic Atmosphere! by sirio174

This was the first time I used a black and white film roll inside my Diana F+ camera. I have chosen a Fomapan 100 because I wanted to obtain some vintage grey tones and because for the first time, I didn’t want to use a more expensive film, like my preferred Ilford rolls! After developing it, I was pleasantly surprised by the magic atmosphere of the images!

Fomapan 100 at ISO 400 by alanfalzon

I am now hooked on this Fomapan 100. Very close to classic photography. It is also very good to know that you do not need to be spot on with your exposures. You will still get very good images if underexposed by 2. Just be careful with over exposing, one stop is ok but more and you will loose all blacks. This is very good for high key since the sharpness is hard to beat.

Foma Fomapan (120, 200 iso) User-Review by life_on_mars

What I love about this Fomapan film is that, it is inexpensive and gives good results! I love the vintage effect it has on my shots – gray and grainy. I used this film with a very bright sun on the sea, though – so it’s a bit overexposed. I would recommend this film on a slightly overcast kind of weather.

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