Dreamy Polaroid Emulsion Lifts by Laura Su Lilie

2013-12-08 5

Thinking of trying out emulsion lifts with instant film? The works of a Berlin-based photographer may serve as an inspiration for you! Take a look and find out more after the jump!

If you’ve seen the impressive Polaroid emulsion lifts done by Chilean photographer Lio Munoz, we’re sure you’ll also be amazed at the works of Berlin-based photographer Laura Su Lilie.

More than a year ago, Lillie says she came up with the idea of making emulsion lift “doubles” — that is, piling layers of two or more lifts on top of each other. “I figured it might yield interesting results and I hadn’t seen any double Polaroid emulsion lifts before,” the photographer says.

The results are indeed beautifully dreamy:

On her style, Lilie says:

“My style is dreamy, at times surreal, and earthy. By doubling lifts, I’m able to create and mould my moods and dreams in photographic form. I find the aesthetics of the emulsion lift process so appealing because, through thoughtful artistic manipulation, it can make pictures look like paintings of timelessly languorous , albeit slightly “rugged” beauty. And every handmade piece is beautifully unique."

Want to see some more of her dreamy Polaroid emulsion lift “doubles”? Head to this Shooting Film feature and her Flickr Photostream!

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    @laurasulilly is one of my favorite artists in this comunity... definitely she deservs the recognition

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