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A Split Between Painting and Photography: Fine Art Photography by Barbara Cole


Far from the fashion scene’s glamorous sets and make-up, these photos by Barbara Cole paint a different image and tell a different story. See more of her works after the cut.

IRIS Prints by Barbara Cole

You can really get a kick out of these images by fine art photographer Barbara Cole. Firstly, some of them give out this painting-like effect that distracts you by triggering questions of whether it’s really a photograph or a delicately painted art work on display at some gallery. Second, Cole’s technique in portraying the current times into nostalgia-inducing images make them stand out from a sea of Photoshop post processing.

Places and Toronto by Barbara Cole

Barbara Cole carefully and artistically pieces moments in life into picturesque images. Making use of a Polaroid camera, Cole blurs her otherwise sharp images for a fashion shoot and turns them into painting-like images. The warping lines, soft curves of colors and faint light mix beautifully on each of her intricately composed shots.

Polaroid Transfers by Barbara Cole

Click here to see her complete set of artworks. She also worked on underwater shots to duplicate the Polaroid-style manipulation she used in her previous works.

All information used in this article were sourced from Barbara Cole’s site, Don't Panic Magazine and Faith is Torment.

written by cheeo on 2013-12-07 #lifestyle #polaroid #fine-art #painting #barbara-cole

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