Guess the Mystery Product! Part One


…and you thought the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ was the only thing we’re putting out? Here’s another batch of ‘Guess the Mystery Product’ for you to guess and ogle on!

Thought that we’re only putting out a single product announcement this season? Well, you got that wrong bud! Here’s a teaser of what seems to be a pretty precious new gadget…what could it be? Is it a special microscope? An alien organism?

Can you guess the mystery product?

written by kazarareta on 2010-02-27 #news #mystery #product #launch #guess


Bringing an iconic aesthetic to square format instant photography, the Diana Instant Square fills frames with strong, saturated colors and rich, moody vignetting. Built to let your inspiration run wild, our latest innovation features a Multiple Exposure Mode, a Bulb Mode for long exposures, a hot shoe adapter and so much more! It’s even compatible with all of the lenses created for the Diana F+ so that you can shake up your perspective anytime, anywhere. No two shots will ever be the same. Back us on Kickstarter now!


  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    woooow.. what's that???

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    another new product? yeeeeeeeees! hahaha :D

  3. nene_photography
    nene_photography ·

    O_O A wall ?

  4. kaneelkip
    kaneelkip ·

    Lomo Teddybear

  5. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    a camera bag.... a book...?

  6. kadahoe
    kadahoe ·

    A leather camera bag

  7. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    a leather something :)

  8. wukish
    wukish ·


  9. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    leather camera bag? or the leather on the camera ;p haha

  10. copefan
    copefan ·

    a lubitel 166+ case............. ooooo that would be nice, could also be the finish on a camera?

  11. copefan
    copefan ·

    a case for your lca+ and the instant back or a case for all your LC-A bits? its hard this one as nobody expected two products and nobody has leaked this one......

  12. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    a lubitel 166+ instant back?

  13. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    I hope that it would be the new multlens book !!!
    I hope, of course ...

  14. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I hope too :D :D

  15. johnccc
    johnccc ·

    WTF ?

  16. superlighter
    superlighter · looks like a bad trip

  17. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    Either a case or some kind of macro adaptor?

  18. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    chocolate film for instant backs, lol !

  19. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    hairy arm's skin close-up!

  20. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    lol @panelomo, micro shot of mr. hairy arm's skin

  21. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    a magic lens that can see through the walls

  22. spendospend
    spendospend ·

    the lomo leather strap!

  23. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    leather negative albums

  24. reddeviltj
    reddeviltj ·

    diana f+ chocolate

  25. joejee
    joejee ·

    Looks like sand.....
    LOMO PRIVATE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!

  26. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Holy Macro Lomo! A macro for beloved mini and lca

  27. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    mhmmm.....??!! :)

  28. rater
    rater ·

    A lomo cake?

  29. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Seems like it's a neck strap with leather case for the Lomo LC-A! Just like the case for those rangefinder :DD

  30. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    its the rough texture of the body of the new product.. hmmm... another new LC-A+ edition?

  31. satomi
    satomi ·

    so many new products coming out one after head is spinning:o

  32. myriam-l
    myriam-l ·

    a super lomo zoom to shoot from the earth to the moon ?? mmh...

  33. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    some sort of leathery product?!?!?!?!

  34. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    Looks like leather, plastic, rust, soil, chocolate, cafe ???? No life on Mars ?

  35. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    A special kit for Sachertorte lomo tagged !
    (For LCA celebration !).

  36. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    A lomo Sigmund Freud edition (it's a pic of the unconscious)...

  37. maicul
    maicul ·

    I like the idea of a macro lens. For which camera? I don't know. Or some leathery product, if it's not a macro lens.

  38. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    i won't budge!!! 120mm LC-A!

  39. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    I´m making at thisa moment a Sachertorte ...
    The best I eat !!! (Well ... I must wait a little ...)
    From 12 years ago, some people gives me "the best & original" recipe ...
    I like them all !!!

  40. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    @jaalvarez : what ? The best Sachertorte ? Is the recipe a secret or are you ok to share it ? Bon appétit !

  41. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    could it be lca+ macro lens? that would be a great partner for the instant back :D

  42. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    macro lens????

  43. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    like lawypop said, probably the rough texture of the new product. is that what i think it is? i hope so!

  44. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I hope this is a new camera ;p

  45. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    can't wait for part two ;)

  46. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    stupid me. i woke up and thought about what it is: the skin of a LC-A , maybe one of the customized ones???

  47. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    It's definitely the same leatherette as the LC-A+

  48. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    It's a L-CA+ Close-Up Lens

  49. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-
    -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- ·

    lc-a cake

  50. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    A new leather frame for LCA+ instant shots :D

  51. dux_x
    dux_x ·

    It´s a Macro Acessory for lc-a+!!!

  52. genialosa
    genialosa ·

    it´s diana!

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