Festivals, Disposable Cameras and Color Filters

The festival season has started and as we all know, our cameras love the action! See the action at the South Side Festival from the POV of a disposable camera!

My Polaroid camera didn’t survive a festival that I attended two years ago and that’s the time I thought of using disposable cameras instead during festivals. This year, I chose a disposable camera to be my loyal companion. I spiced the whole thing up with some color filters it was fun!

This is how a festival pic looks like when taken with a regular disposable camera.

But now we’ll add some color to it!

Idea No. 1: I attached an orange color filter to the lens and just took pictures! Here you can see the awesome result! The colors you get can also depend on the amount of light you have.

If you shoot under a blue sky with a lot of sun behind you, you can get really bright colors and light shades.
The red color boost from this picture was influenced by our shadowy pavilion.

Idea No. 2: I used this wonderful pink filter in front of the flash. Make sure you bring your flash for your disposable camera to try this out.

Again, you can see the different results. If it’s dark and you are closer to your subject, the color filter attached to your flash will give you strong and rich colors.

Here, there’s just a nice hint of pink!

Disposable cameras don’t need to be boring or normal. They can be a whole lot of fun, too! Dare to try different things with it and see what I mean. Sunny greetings from the South Side Festival!

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