A White Christmas Afternoon in New York City with the Petzval Lens


It was a dark afternoon and the streets were packed with tourists. New York, the city that never sleeps, was going through a snow blizzard since early morning.

The Mission
To shoot a Christmas video during a blizzard in New York City.
The weapon
The new Petzval Lens on a Canon 5D.
The Team
*Chirstian Polt, aka: Mr. Polt, Head of Production (and human boombox).
*Melanie Little. aka: Mel, Shooting Expert.
*Antonio Castello, aka: Juan, Art Director.

White, all white. I’m not even sure anymore about the color of the grass. The only green was on the hundreds of Christmas trees along the way and the millions of lights all over the city. It was a rough mission, the shooter’s fingers were frozen, the head of production was easy to lose in the dark night, and I was shivering.

As the afternoon became night, the weather became stronger; the snow was pouring and the lens was covered with ice and fog. But the weather conditions couldn’t stop us! The lens was made in Russia by Zenit, and from what I know, the Russians know about winter. The photographer has been through worse conditions, and the team was full of enthusiasm. There was nothing that could stop us. We started on the corner of Central Park and 5th Avenue, heading down to Rockefeller Center and its famous Christmas tree, shooting, just shooting… Then, we continued our mission to the Bryant Park ice skating rink, just to watch the people flowing in, one after the other. The shooter was relentless.

But all these were nothing,p compared to what we were still missing, the most crucial part: Times Square. I looked at Mr. Polt’s hands. They were red, frozen from nail to wrist, but nothing that he hadn’t seen before on the Austrian mountains. Mel was calm, as always, and ready to shoot again. So I took a deep breath, and as the team started to walk to the giant screens, I just followed them. Drunken Santas, ice covered roads, millions of tourists, nothing was too much. The Petzval lens was capturing everything with its amazing depth of field. Policemen, construction workers, advertisements, last minute shoppers… The shooter was thrilled, her fingers never stopped, and by midnight the mission was complete.

We went back to the Lomography Headquarters. The snow was over and the rain was cleansing the streets. We were ready for the next mission.

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written by antoniocastello on 2013-12-23 #news #lens #christmas #nyc #new-york #lomography #ny #canon-5d #petzval #melanie-little

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