Keep Warm This Winter and Take Lovely Portraits of Loved Ones Using the Belair Cameras

2013-12-07 2

Winter’s a cold season but nothing warms the heart more than a picture of a loved one. See these winter portraits shot using the Belair cameras.

Credits: kleeblatt

No matter the amount of sleet, slush or snow that comes, we can still keep the winter warm and cozy. Share a cup of hot cocoa or tea in a slow icy afternoon and just look at these warm memories of loved ones on film.Keeping warm doesn’t just mean bundling up or cozying up near the fireplace, it’s also about the company you keep.

Create warm memories even if it’s just white as snow outside with Lomography’s premium offering, the Belair X 6-12. Shoot sharp portraits or control your shots to make lo-fi images in three different formats with the Belair. This camera can be your go-to piece for those wonderful Holiday vacations and family reunions.

Credits: ck_berlin, dreamseller, moodification, allakuznetsova, lomographycologne & vgzalez

Get your own Belair camera now and enjoy a cool 19% discount on your purchase. Warm up to your loved ones and snap a photo of them to keep in that album titled Christmas of 13. Simply enter the code 19BELX612 when you make your purchase to qualify for the deal. You can also get the same discount for Belair accessories. This is all part of Lomography’s Advent Calendar deals to keep you warm and cheerful this Holiday season. Check back on the Online Shop daily to see new deals.

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  1. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    A warm thanks is in order to users @kleeblatt, @ck_berlin, @dreamseller, @moodification, @allakuznetsova, @lomographycologne, and @vgzalez for their lovely winter portraits

  2. vgzalez
    vgzalez ·

    You're more than welcome! :) Great selection!

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