Get Medieval in Silves, Portugal


Every year in August, the medieval village of Silves in the Portuguese Algarve Region transforms into the scenery of a medieval festival for ten whole days, in which you’ll get to know all about the rich history of this former capital of the Algarve.

Silves is a historic and picturesque village in the middle of the Algarve, known by its ancient Moorish castle on the top of a hill, offering you a spectacular view on the region. The incredibly cozy village used to be the ruled by the Moorish until its liberation by the Portuguese in 1189. Although they would lose it again to the same conqueror two years later, it meant an important step towards the definite reconquest of this region in 1249.

The Medieval Fair of Silves tries to capture all of this into ten days full of colorful, candlelit streets, full of true medieval horse riding tournaments, traditional handicrafts and performances by actors, dancers, fire artists, stilt walkers and much more. While you gaze upon this fantastic scenery, you can enjoy some very tasty food, of course served in real medieval style plates and cups, while sitting on a straw bale. You name it, they’ve got it!

Over the years people have taken on the tradition to dress up medieval style when going to the fair in Silves. We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity and gave it a shot as well.

Obviously, some people took it to a higher level and succeeded a lot better in their mission to fit in perfectly in this medieval atmosphere. Even the Pope was present this year!

Are you still having doubts about exploring this in 2014? Unbelievable! Dive into the Medieval Fair of Silves, absorb the incredible atmosphere and feel like a real knight, striving for Portuguese independence yourself!

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