Lomography Guide to Prague: Prague in Three Days (Day 3)

2013-12-07 2

My dear friend Grazie suggested to me one fantastic and I think very helpful theme for the series: What to see and visit in Prague when you have only three days. This is my suggestion for the last day of the stay. I hope it will help and inspire you!

After spending two days in a busy, touristy town like Prague, you might be interested to also see its side that is closer to nature. That’s why I picked some places which may give you a chance to see Prague in a different light and with fresher air.

Photo by erikagrendel and chourique

You may start by walking in the natural reservation called Divoka Sarka, which is (I would say) a hidden gem from the eyes of tourists. With a water dam, a river, and strange rocky hills appearing from nowhere, it is a perfect place for hiking in nature or just having a shorter walk in the fresh air while enjoying the fascinating view.

Credits: erikagrendel

Then, I am sure you’ll get really hungry, so I suggest to visit a wonderful place for Czech food and Czech wine tasting. It is called Libocky dvur and the place is quite near Divoka Sarka. You might have problems finding it. When we went there for the first time, we had some problems spotting it, hidden near the blocks of flats and houses area, but you will not regret searching for it. The food is marvelous and you can try there real Czech dumplings, with baked duck and red cabbage and even have sweet dumplings filled with plums for a desert. After this big lunch or dinner, you will definitely have to spend a moment in their great yard with a glass of wine.

Credits: erikagrendel

If you are still in the mood to walk a bit, catch a tube or tram to Vojanovy sady. Before the closing time, it will not be so crowded and you can enjoy the peace (being bothered just by peacocks and bees) right in the middle of Prague. However, you can enjoy this place only in three seasons, because it is closed during the winter.

This is how your third day may look like.

Lomo on!

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