Keeping a Steady Eye and a Quick Shutter: Photography by Daniel Schaefer

Artistry comes not with just age or experience. 20-year-old photographer Daniel Schaefer lends truth to this statement with eye-catching film photographs of life on the streets.

Picking up his camera, an old Nikon Fm2, Daniel Schaefer set out to photograph what he felt was relevant to his life. Each snap was a revelation for him but it also proved to be too costly due to the price of film and developing. After shooting digital for a couple of years, Schaefer got back into film for an assignment. That’s where he re-discovered the richness and warmth of shooting with film again.

Photos by Daniel Sawyer Schaefer

Schaefer photographs a wide array of subjects. Some of his notable shots were taken on the streets. Always keeping his camera close, Schaefer captures the many different scenes of everyday life on the streets of New York. Whether he’s on the way to work or school, in his studio or just lounging around at a cafe, Daniel Schaefer keeps his eyes on the viewfinder and a finger on the shutter. The young photographer also shoots with a Yashica-Mat 124G and other digital cameras. He has worked for Leica is currently in Italy and attending school at the Studio Arts Center International Florence.

Self-portrait via Outlier Imagery

You can view more of his work here. He was also featured on the LA Times Framework and recently, on the Phoblographer.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Outlier Imagery, Steve Huff Photo - Daniel Schaefer, LA Times Framework and I Still Shoot Film

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