Shangri La: Isolated Paradise


The Doris Duke Estate. Tours are curated by the Honolulu Academy of Arts and one can only gain access to the property by boarding an approved shuttle at the Academy.

Shangri La is the name of Doris Duke’s estate in the upscale neighborhood of Black Point east of the famous Diamond Head crater. Built in 1937-8, its inspiration came from her honeymoon trip to the Islamic world after marrying James Cromwell. She commissioned artisans, masons, and carpenters in the Near East to build elements, create lighting fixtures, and create her vision of Shangri La, a place to escape from her New York life. She also imported materials along with ancient pieces like the mihrab from the tomb of Imamzada Yahya in Iran.

Her unlimited wealth allowed her to express her self exponentially but in doing so, she also worked hard to restore many of the pieces she bought.

Today, Shangri La is preserved for the public and nearly 3500 Islamic artifacts and treasures like tiles, jewelry, tapestries, linens, rugs, lanterns, and tiles are on display.

No photos allowed inside the house, but the views and the property are gorgeous.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    What an incredible house ! And the inside must be crazy too... Great shots !

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