LC-A Instant Back+ sold out! Limited quantity now available in pre-order!


親愛的 Lomographer,很高興能在這為大家宣布:剛推出的 LC-A Instant Back+ 反應異常熱烈,首批存貨已全部售罄!但不用緊張,我們即將為大家找來第二批貨品,現在更可優先訂購

親愛的 Lomographer,很高興能在這為大家宣布:剛推出的 LC-A Instant Back+ 反應異常熱烈,首批存貨已全部售罄!但不用緊張,我們即將為大家找來第二批貨品,現在更可優先訂購。由於來貨數量依然有限,錯失首批 LC-A Instant Back+ 的你,就不好再猶豫了!

Dear Lomographers, I am now glad to announce: our LC-A Instant Back+ results a very successful launch! First batch of the Instant Back+ are now sold out. But please don’t panic, the next batch of stock shall be available very soon. However quantity of stock is limited! So I shall suggest you to pre-order today before it’s too late.

[ 網上商店 l 訂購LC-A Instant Back+ ]

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  1. zoeso
    zoeso ·

    直接到lomography shop會有貨嗎?

  2. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    I am not sure if they still have stock now
    Maybe you can drop by someday to check out our shop
    On the coming Sunday, we are having a big Sample Sales!

    Come by, and see if you can grab yourself any lomogrpahic goodies with real crazy discount price?

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