Planning an Analogue-themed Holiday Party? Try This Holga Pinata!


We can feel the Holiday vibes right here at Lomography and like many of you guys, we’re also planning on having a little party ourselves! It’s a good thing we caught this party idea that will make a room full of analogue lovers go Lomography loco!

Parties are a great way to mingle with people. You never know when you’re going to meet that one person who has almost the same likes and nitpickings as you. Not to mention, holiday parties are fun! And to spice up the party that you’re planning, here’s a cool idea for an analogue camera themed party: a Holga camera piñata!

Image via julibat’s Instructable tutorial

Actually, looking at this Holga piñata got us almost thinking that there’s no way we’re going to bust this cute-looking party dangler wide open. Why? Because it looks better intact than bashed up, that’s why! Also it’s a great idea for a party full of analogue lovers. Apparently, the creator of this Holga piñata gave it to a friend for her birthday and that friend liked it so much she kept it and just removed all the candy inside.

Well, even if you’re not a camera nerd or an eager snapper, you’ll surely love the fun quirkiness of a Holga camera blown up to a massive exploding-candy-party-container size. You can check out the full tutorial here and let us know what you think.

Here are some pictures of the paper mache process and the finished product:

Images via julibat’s Instructable tutorial

Although, we don’t really think that you’d also be keen on busting this good-looking Paper Mache Holga piñata, too. But hey, a party’s a party right?

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Instructables.

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